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Village Hall General Meeting 2021

NVHMC AGM 21 Jun 2021 Notice


We are currently looking for a new Pump Master and/or Mistress for when the Pump starts running again, so if you have ever wanted to be behind the bar, pull a pint, or even run the show, ( not as hard as it sounds!! )  please get in touch with any committee member or village rep and we will be happy to let you know what is involved


Dear All,

It would appear that the scammers, crooks trying to deprive the public of their cash, are now using coronavirus as a way of trying to raise cash from some of us.  The new excuses are:

You need a Coronavirus test kit 》 No, at the present time there are no Coronavirus testing kits available to buy, or to be used for tests at your doorstep. Do not be tempted to pay for this non-existent service.

I need help 》 Do NOT place items on your doorstep to say you need help as this is an invitation to scammers that you may be in a vulnerable situation.  If help is needed please ring your Nash Support Group contact or a committee member – see below.

The council needs to clean your house 》  The council DO NOT need to enter your house to do a deep clean

You qualify for a tax or rates refund 》  Emails saying that you can get a refund on taxes or business rates should be treated with extreme caution. Often the sender just wants your personal details.

If you make an initial payment now we will give you a discount 》  Do not pay upfront fees. We are aware of phone calls from ‘energy companies’ offering credit during the crisis if they can collect an advance payment. This is a scam.

This is your bank calling, please confirm your details.  Or similarly, this is Thames Valley Police 》  Neither your bank or the police will EVER ask for your bank details over the phone.  This is a grey area as in Nashlert experience both the bank and NHS wiĺl ring and ask for date of birth which I always refuse to give as they are doing the ringing.  This usually results in an unhelpful, or even abusive, response but I am sure we all have our ways of dealing with this.

In Nash at this time treat any unexpected contacts from outside of the village as suspicious and for advice please speak to any member of your Parish Council, or your Nash Support Group contact or any member of the Support Group Committee:

 John Hamilton (01908 502557,

Mary Vinakoti (07973 764 191

Administrator: Sir John Southby (01908 501812,

Parish Council Chairman: Mike Williams (01908 506155 or 07768666763,



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