Dear Residents

As you know the Government has determined that children’s playgrounds with play equipment such as swings and slides etc can open from the 4th July 2020. The Parish Council has reviewed the guidelines and conditions under which this can happen and it is sorry to inform you that will not be possible for the playground to open on that day.


The reason for this is that the Parish Council does not have the human resources or the financial reserves to be able to meet the requirements set in the guidance from the government.


The link above provide complete information about guidance but in summary what is required is:

·        Risk assessment

·        Social distancing: limit maximum number, only one adult to accompany child, limit number of swings in use, set time limits

·        Signs – for queues, social distancing and effective use of sanitation by users required, ban consumption of food

·        Clear communication to community about reopening with information about action taken by NPC and their responsibilities

·        Cleaning regimes.

There could be a situation that would facilitate opening if a group of parents and other villagers could form a playground support group to work with the Parish Council to meet the government requirements.


Therefore if you would like to create a support group to help the village open its children’s playground please let me or the Parish Clerk know. or

To be clear your parish council will be able to conduct the risk assessment and provide some signs but the rest of the requirements in the guidance would become the responsibility of the suggested village playground support group if we able to create one.

Many thanks & kindest regards

Mike Williams

Chairman – Nash Parish Council


Cllr. Michael Williams

Chairman– Nash Parish Council

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