Village Hall Safety Policy

The Nash Village Hall Policy:

  • When events are to be run in the Hall, please remain at home if either yourself or any family or household members are showing any symptomatic signs of illness.
  • If you have been identified as someone being in close contact to someone who has tested positive for COVID or any other contagious illness, please use common sense to determine if you should self isolate.
  • Prior to attending any function at the hall, we would ask you to ensure you have washed your hands and face beforehand. Additionally, during the course of the event you attend at the hall we encourage you to wash your hands as frequently as possible.
  • To the very best of your ability, please maintain a minimum of 1 metre of distance from other attendees.
  • Should you have any sickness symptoms after attending an event, please report this immediately to the event organizer or a committee member.
  • Be safe, enjoy your time at the Village Hall.
  • Forthcoming Events